NASA Boeing Starliner  Space Station

Enters Orbit, Headed to

Boeing’s Starliner

Spacecraft finally reached orbit Thursday on its way to docking with the International Space Station.

Completing A Major Step

After two previous failed attempts that became part of the company’s many woes and a symbol of its fall from grace.

But The...

Accomplishment was marred when at a postlaunch briefing,

Boeing Revealed

That two of the four thrusters that were to put the spacecraft into the correct orbit failed.

Starliner Has 12 Thrusters

That can be used for such maneuvers, backups kicked in and the spacecraft entered the correct orbit, officials said.

They Remained Optimistic That

The problem will not disrupt the mission, noting that the spacecraft has only a few major thruster firings left on its way to the station.

This Mars Lander Will  of Hard Work

Soon Retire After 4 Years