NASA Resumes Artemis  Dress Rehearsal

1 Moon Mission’s ‘Wet

NASA Has Pushed Back

The resumption of the Artemis 1 moon mission's critical "wet dress rehearsal" by two days, to Tuesday (April 12).

The Wet Dress Is A...

Practice run of rocket fueling and other important Artemis 1 prelaunch activities, planned for April 9.

But The Team Modified The Test

Procedure after noticing a problem with a "helium check valve," which prevents the gas from escaping out of Artemis 1's huge Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.

Helium Is Used To Clear Engine Lines

Before loading and draining propellant, NASA officials explained in an Artemis 1 update today(opens in new tab).

Agency Officials Wrote In The Update

"Due to the changes in loading procedures required for the modified test, wet dress rehearsal testing is slated to resume with call to stations on Tuesday, April 12 and tanking on Thursday, April 14,"

Artemis 1 Will Launch

An uncrewed Orion spacecraft on a roughly month-long mission around the moon. NASA won't set a target launch date until the wet dress rehearsal is complete

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