Nasa Develops Objectives 

for First Mission to Mars

NASA Shared Its Moon To Mars (M2M)

Plan wherein the scientists would practice the objectives on the Moon and demonstrate them on Mars later.

About Five Decades After....

The first moon landing, NASA is preparing to send humans back to the lunar surface later this decade.

It Says That The Artemis Program

Which would ensure a sustained human presence in outer space, will lay the groundwork for planetary missions to Mars.

While The Timeline Of These

Predictions is unclear, NASA has released a draft set of high-level objectives detailing the first month-long mission to the red planet.

In The Recently Released Draft

NASA Deputy Administrator Pamela Melroy revealed that the agency has created a blueprint of the Moon to Mars (M2M) plan which they would practice on the Moon and demonstrate on Mars later.

Amidst The Researches And Theories

Of the existence of life on Mars, auroras, similar to the Earth’s northern lights, were visible on a land which is over 40 million miles or 55 million kilometres away from us.

To Solve Biggest Space  Deploys Hubble Telescope

Mystery Ever, Nasa