Nasa Just Bought Rest of  Flights from SpaceX

the Space Station Crew

NASA Said That It Plans To Purchase

Five additional Crew Dragon missions from SpaceX to carry astronauts to the International Space Station.

Although The Space Agency's News

Release does not specifically say so, these may be the final flights NASA needs to keep the space station fully occupied into the year 2030.

As Of Now...

There is no signed international agreement to keep the station flying until then

But This New Procurement

Sends a strong signal that the space agency expects the orbital outpost to keep flying that long.

The Announcement Also Suggests That

SpaceX will fly more than twice as many crews to the space station than the other partner in NASA's commercial crew program, Boeing.

Under The New Agreement

SpaceX would fly 14 crewed missions to the station on Crew Dragon & Boeing would fly 6 during the lifetime of the station.

Mars Helicopter Marks 

New Flight Records