Engineers Scramble to  Moon-Bound Spacecraft

Restore Contact with

Nasa Lost Contact With

CAPSTONE spacecraft launched last week to test an unusual lunar orbit planned for NASA's Artemis moon program

The Microwave-Size CAPSTONE Also

Is designed to measure the deep space radiation environment and test techniques that might determine a moon-orbiting spacecraft's exact location

The Capstone Mission Cost $30m

$20 million for the spacecraft, its development and operations, and another $10 million for the Electron launcher.

After One Successful Communication

And a second partial one on Monday, the space agency said it could no longer communicate with the Capstone.

Engineers Are Trying

To find the cause of the communications drop-off and are optimistic they can fix it

Capstone Is Designed to Test

A unique elliptical orbit around the Moon for the planned Lunar Gateway, a small space station that will allow for a sustained human presence on the Moon.

Galaxy Watch 5 Leak 

Gives Best Look