NASA Mars Rover  Back Terrain’ on Mars

Investigates Wild‘Gator-

Weird Mars! Weird Rocks

We've gone from a rock on Mars that looks like a fish to rocks on Mars that look like alligators.

Pebbly Backs Of Alligators

NASA's Curiosity rover is checking out a funky stretch of landscape on the red planet and the images are delightful.

Curiosity On A Cruise

Curiosity is cruising around the Gale Crater and climbing up Mount Sharp, the crater's central peak.

Gator-Back Terrain

The rover has been investigating a transitional area with formations the team is describing as "gator-back terrain."

Unusual Comparison To Earth

The fantastical shapes of Mars rocks have led to plenty of comparisons to familiar Earth objects, from a butt to a variety of faces.

Curiosity Is Safe

The good news for Curiosity is that it doesn't need to take any evasive action due to an alligator on Mars

NASA Reveals The Most Erupted From The Sun

Powerful Solar Flare