Nasa's Tiny Capstone  Way to the Moon

Probe Goes Silent on Its

Capstone Has Gone Dark

The 55-pound (25 kilograms) NASA probe ceased communicating with its handlers yesterday (July 4)

Shortly After

It deployed successfully from Rocket Lab's Photon spacecraft bus and began its long trek to the moon.

The CAPSTONE Satellite

Is about the size of a microwave. It is on a mission to explore a strange halo-shaped orbit around the moon

CAPSTONE Was Successfully

Launched from New Zealand on June 28. Its initial solo journey to the moon started on July 4 after leaving Earth’s orbit. 

Everything Was Going Fine

Until it lost communication with its operators, causing a delay in its trajectory correction maneuvers.

However, NASA's Engineers

Are confident in re-establishing connection with the $30 million spacecraft.

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