Nasa Plans Artemis I Moon  Rehearsal in June

Rocket SLS Wet Dress

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS)

Rocket and Orion spacecraft will return to launchpad 39B at the space agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida

These Wet Dress Rehearsals Are Where

The space agency typically “refines the countdown procedures and validate critical models and software interfaces,” according to NASA.

Engineers Have Addressed

Many of the issues that were discovered during the previous wet dress rehearsal attempts.

When Completed And Tested The SLS

Will be the most powerful rocket ever built by NASA, aimed at heralding the next generation of human space exploration.

But The Agency

Was forced to rehouse it in April after a hydrogen system leak affected three attempts at rehearsal.

The Rocket Is Scheduled For Launch

In June as part of the Artemis Moon mission. But that will only happen if it can complete a full wet dress rehearsal first.

There Is a Problem on the  Spacewalk for Astronauts

ISS. Nasa Suspends