Nasa Reveals Webb Telescope's 

First Cosmic Targets

Cosmic Images from the James Webb

Space Telescope will include unprecedented views of distant galaxies, bright nebulae, and a faraway giant gas planet.

US, European and Canadian Space

Agencies are gearing up for a big reveal on July 12 of early observations by the $10 billion observatory

Klaus Pontoppidan, an Astronomer

"I'm Looking Very Much Forward to Not Having to Keep These Secrets Anymore, That Will Be a Great Relief,"

An International Committee

Decided the first wave of full-color scientific images would include...

The Carina Nebula

An enormous cloud of dust and gas 7,600 light years away, as well as the Southern Ring Nebula, which surrounds a dying star 2,000 light years away.

Webb's Infrared Capabilities

Allow it to see deeper back in time to the Big Bang, which happened 13.8 billion years ago, than any instrument before it.

The World's Best Dark Matter 

Detector Whiffed on Its First Try