NASA Scientists Brace  Constantly Burns

Glimpse Of The World That

Mankind's first look at conditions

 on a "super-Earth" 50 light years away is expected in coming weeks via the James Webb Space Telescope

The planet, called

55 Cancri e, orbits so close to "its Sun-like star" that surface conditions could literally be like the Hell

NASA says.

Data show 55 Cancri e is less than 1.5 million miles from its star—1/25 the distance super hot Mercury is from our sun.

NASA reported last week.

"With surface temperatures far above the melting point of typical rock-forming minerals, the day side of the planet is thought to be covered in oceans of lava,"

Initial views from

NASA's less powerful Spitzer Space Telescope show something mysterious is happening on 55 Cancri e

NASA says

Its first year will be devoted to studying 55 Cancri e and the airless planet LHS 3844 b

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