NASA Selects Axiom Space And Collins Aerospace For Spacesuit Contracts

Space Shuttle Endeavour's

NASA awarded contracts to

 Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace to provide spacesuits for ISS spacewalks and Artemis moonwalks

Although neither the

 agency nor the winning companies offered many technical or financial details.

NASA selected the two companies for

 Exploration Extravehicular Activity Services, or xEVAS, contracts to support the development of new spacesuits.

The companies will own

 the suits they develop and will effectively rent them to NASA for space station and Artemis missions

NASA officials said

The goal is to have lunar spacesuits ready for the Artemis 3 lunar landing mission, scheduled for no earlier than 2025.

NASA will also conduct an

 “orderly transition” from existing, decades-old suits on the ISS to the new suits around the same time.

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Space Shuttle Endeavour's