Nasa Set for Boeing’s  Capsule Test

Starliner Uncrewed Space

NASA Astronauts And Officials

On Wednesday said Boeing Co's Starliner space capsule is ready for its uncrewed launch this week to the International Space Station

A Long-Delayed Test

Mission meant to demonstrate the aerospace giant can safely fly humans in space.

Boeing's CST-100 Starliner Capsule

A gumdrop-shaped astronaut pod, has experienced multiple setbacks in recent years.

Software Failures In 2019 Nixed

Its debut attempt to dock at the space station. Fuel valve issues last year added nine months of further delays.

Last Year's Valve Issues Led Boeing

To come up with temporary fixes for this week's mission, company officials said on Tuesday, adding that longer-term fixes will be implemented after the mission.

The Issues Have Triggered

Conflict with one of Boeing's key suppliers for Starliner, Reuters reported last week.

Boeing’s Starliner  Launch to the ISS

Spacecraft Is Ready to