NASA Set for Latest  and the Pressure Is On

Megarocket Launch Rehearsal

NASA Is Under Immense Pressure

To succeed this weekend during its fourth attempt at a launch rehearsal for its Space Launch System.

Another Failed Test of the Gigantic

Rocket would be an embarrassing—and worrying—setback for the Artemis Moon program.

The Towering Space Launch System

(SLS), with the Orion capsule parked on top, arrived at Launch Complex 39B on June 6.

Nasa’s Rocket Had Spent the Past

Several weeks inside the Vehicle Assembly Building at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, where it was treated to a series of fixes and inspections.

The Unfinished Rehearsals in April

Were marred by a steady stream of minor issues, including a faulty helium valve on the upper stage.

The Unlaunched SLS Is an Integral

Part of NASA’s Artemis program, which seeks to return astronauts to the lunar surface no earlier than 2025 

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