NASA Shares Photo Of  Longitude Of Red Planet

Crater On Zero-Degree

And Space Administration (NASA) shared a picture of a half-a-kilometre-long crater,

The National Aeronautics

zero degree longitude on the Red Planet, on its Instagram handle earlier this week.

Which Lies On The

Became available, the Airy Zero was selected because it did not need to adjust existing maps.

As High-Res Photos

Orbiter was launched in August 2005, and reached Mars in March 2006.

The Mars Reconnaissance

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE).

The Image Was Captured By

Scientists study the geology and climate of Mars while providing reconnaissance of future landing sites, and relays data from surface missions back to Earth.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Helps

NASA Breaks Record  Individual Star Ever

After Discovers Farthest