Nasa Space Station  from a Russian Satellite 

Dodges Space Debris

A Piece of Space Junk From

A Russian anti-satellite weapons test forced the Space Station to maneuver to avoid the orbital debris on 16 June. 

Russia's Space Agency

Roscosmos used an uncrewed Progress 81 cargo ship docked at the International Space Station.

To Move the Orbiting Lab Clear

Of a piece of space debris from the Russian satellite Cosmos 1408, sharing video of the activity on Telegram.

Russia Destroyed

The defunct Soviet-era satellite in a November 2021 anti-satellite missile test. 

The Progress 81 Cargo Ship

Fired its thrusters for 4 minutes and 34 seconds to move the massive space station away from the trajectory

Nasa Officials Wrote in an Update

"The crew was never in any danger and the maneuver had no impact on station operations,"

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