Nasa to Launch 6 Small  Study Tropical Cyclones

Satellites to Monitor,

NASA is launching the first two

of six small satellites no earlier than June 12 that will study the formation and development of tropical cyclones every hour

This is the first

 of three CubeSat launches for NASA’s (TROPICS) mission.

The remaining satellites will be

 placed into their orbits during two subsequent launches this year.

“TROPICS will give us very frequent views

of tropical cyclones, providing insight into their formation, intensification, and interactions with their environment and providing critical data for storm monitoring and forecasting

the weather satellites currently in low-

Earth orbit – such as NOAA-20, the joint NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Suomi NPP satellite,

And others from

 NASA’s partners – revisit a storm once every four to six hours.

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