Nasa Mission to Use Balloon  Telescope Above Antarctica

Larger Than Football Field to Send

A Telescope

Will be sent about 40,000 meters above Antarctica as part of a NASA mission called....

Astrophysics Stratospheric

Telescope for high spectral resolution observations at Submillimeter-wavelengths (ASTHROS)

This Telescope Will Be

Used to study a phenomenon that prevents star formation in some galaxies, essentially killing them.

The Primary Mirror for ASTHROS

Which is also the telescope's principal light-gathering device, will be 2.5 meters in diameter

These Balloon Missions

Often cost less than space missions, take less time to complete from early planning to deployment

And Involve Cutting-Edge

Technology that can be used to upcoming space missions, according to NASA.

Largest Comet Will Come 

Close to Earth, July 14