Nasa Wants Their Moon Dust 

and Cockroaches Back

The Apollo 11 Mission Brought

More than 47 Lbs. of lunar rock back to Earth. Some was fed to insects and other small creatures to see if it would kill them.

News Broke Out About

A sale of dead cockroaches with the moon dust brought to earth by Apollo 11 Mission, NASA wants to halt this sale.

The Cockroaches Were The

Test subjects that ate the moon rock to see if the moon rock contained any threats to terrestrial life.

The Moon Dust (About 40 Milligrams)

Along with the three cockroach carcasses was expected to sell for around $400K at least.

Any Item Brought from Space

During the Apollo Mission belongs to the US government as per law, that is why NASA requested to halt the sale.

The Cockroaches Were

Brought to University of Minnesota for studying them, but never went back to NASA, and now we see them on sale.

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