Nasa's Lucy Asteroid  Continuing

Spacecraft Rescue Efforts

Nasa's Lucy Mission Team

Is continuing efforts to correct the incomplete deployment of one of the spacecraft's solar arrays as it continues to Jupiter's Trojan asteroids.

Lucy Mission, Launched in Oct 2021

Has two large, circular solar arrays, each spanning 24 feet, to provide power for its pioneering voyage.

However, One Of

The arrays failed to fully deploy after launch, posing a problem for the team.

After a Series of Tests 

And measures, the team again commanded the spacecraft to deploy the solar array on May 26

Using Both Primary

And backup motors to try to tighten the lanyard and complete deployment. 

But Even If the Array Does Not

Fully deploy, Lucy may be able to fly as planned. For now, energy is not an issue, as it is still near the sun.

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