Nasa’s Metal Asteroid  7 Weeks

Mission’s Launch Delayed


Psyche Asteroid probe will wait several more weeks for launch.

The Agency Announced On May 24

That a software problem with the Psyche spacecraft would delay the launch to at least Sept. 20, roughly seven weeks after the expected Aug. 1 launch

An Issue Is Preventing Confirmation

That the software controlling the spacecraft is functioning as planned," the agency spokesperson told

While Not Elaborating On What The 

Specific issue is, or its correction, the spokesperson added that the team is "working to identify and correct the issue."

After Its Launch, Psyche Is Scheduled

To swing past Mars nine months later to pick up speed to arrive at its target asteroid, also called Psyche, in 2026.

This will be NASA's first mission to a metallic asteroid.

James Webb Telescope  Asteroid for the 1st Time

Practices Tracking an