Nasa's Next Mega Moon  Rehearsal Date

Rocket's Crucial Wet Dress

The Artemis I Mega Moon Rocket

Is ready for its 4th attempt at final prelaunch test - An update from NASA officials on Wednesday.

The Crucial Test, Known as 

The wet dress rehearsal, simulates every stage of launch without the rocket leaving the launchpad

This Process Includes Loading

Supercold propellant, going through a full countdown simulating launch, resetting the countdown clock and draining the rocket tanks.

The Results of the Wet Dress

Rehearsal will determine when the Artemis I will launch on a mission going beyond the moon and returns to Earth.

This Mission Will Kick Off Nasa's

Artemis program, which is expected to return humans to the moon by 2025.

Three Previous Attempts

At the wet dress rehearsal in April were unsuccessful. During It's 3rd test, Artemis faced a dangerous hydrogen leak problem.

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