Mysterious Blue Blobs a New   by a Galactic 'Belly Flop'

Type of Star System Created

Scientists Surveying a Catalog

Of gas clouds spotted something strange: five "blue blobs" composed of young blue stars in the Virgo galaxy cluster. 

Unusually, These Stars Were

Completely isolated from their parent galaxies, and their stars were arranged in an irregular pattern.

Based On

Those details, the researchers think they've discovered a new type of stellar system 

A Collection

Of gravitationally bound stars that's not quite a galaxy but not a known type of star cluster, either.

The Team Led by Michael Jones,

A postdoctoral fellow at the University of Arizona Steward Observatory noted the presence of heavy metals in the blobs. 

The Astronomers Suspect That

Over time, the stars in the blobs will split into smaller stellar clusters and spread out.

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