NFL Free Agency 2022:  Dolphins On $120M

Tyreek Hill Joins Miami

Surprise Addition Of Tyreek Hill

A six-time Pro Bowl selection and three-time First-Team All-Pro, A player who is known for his explosiveness.

What Made This Trade Possible?

Tyreek Hill wanted to be the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL. Rumors were that he would be willing to sit out 2022 if he didn’t get a new contract.

When Jacksonville Jaguars Overpaid

For Christian Kirk, it inflated the market and led to Davante Adams deal with the Las Vegas Raiders of $140 millions.

This Priced The Cheifs Out Of Conversation

The Chiefs gave Hill’s and his agent permission to seek a trade. From there it was a bidding war, and thankfully Miami won.

How The Fans Reacting To Losing Hill?

The initial shock was pretty severe. Fans didn’t understand his decision to leave, while others thought that the Chiefs should just give him whatever he wanted to stay.

He Is Not Perfect

Though Hill is an elite player, but Two areas that can be issues for him are his hands and his catch radius. Hill had 10 dropped passes last season. 

He Lets Easy Balls into His Chest

Instead of catching them with his hands away from his frame. He’s not a big or long-armed guy either, so he struggles to catch the ball when it’s thrown away from his body or behind him.

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