Nothing’s Phone 1 Isn’t 

Coming to the US

Nothing Has Confirmed

That its debut smartphone, the Phone 1, won’t be getting a widespread release in the US or Canada

Instead, a “Limited Number”

Of the devices will be distributed to community investors in the country as part of a “closed beta,”  

PCmag Reports That Anyone Who

Tries to use Nothing’s phone in the US is likely to have “unpredictable” coverage on T-Mobile


No support for voice over LTE on AT&T, and no service at all on Verizon.

The Team at Nothing Explains That,

Since the company is small, it doesn’t have the ability to just produce millions of devices with the intent to sell. 

CEO Of Nothing Had Two Options

Wait and accumulate quantities or sell the phone (1) as it comes off the line. The team chose to go with the latter.

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