NVIDIA’s New Tool Can  Objects from Photos

Create Editable 3D

NVIDIA Researchers

Have created a new tool that can easily turn photos into 3D objects. Called NVIDIA 3D MoMa

It Allows Architects, Designers,

Concept artists, and game developers to quickly import objects into a graphics engine for digital manipulation.

The Technology Works Through What

Is known as inverse rendering, which is a technique that can reconstruct a series of still photos into a 3D model.

David Luebke, Vice President Of

Graphics research at NVIDA, describes this idea as a “holy grail” of sorts for computer vision and computer graphics

3d Moma Takes a Series of Photos

And uses them to create 3D renders of the object that is formed with a triangle mesh with textured materials

Nvidia Says That

These inverse rendered objects can be used as building blocks for a complex animated scene

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