Observe The ‘Pink Moon’ 

Of April

April’s Full Moon

Commonly known as the ‘Pink Moon’, will take place next Saturday 16.

It Received This Name After

A tradition among the North American tribes, who used always ‘baptise’ each full moon of the year according to certain events.

As Reported By El Tiempo Portal

The full moon in April is called pink because it is in this month that the mossy phlox begins to bloom

This Is A Flower

With pink tones that is native to North America

In Spain, The Full Moon In April

Is also known as the Easter moon, because it is the one that always coincides with the celebration of the Holy Week festivities.

Other Names Dedicated To This

Full moon around the world are the ‘egg moon’, or the ‘hunter’s moon’, although this name is familiar mostly in the countries of the southern hemisphere

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