Astronaut’s Helmet Fills  Cancels Spacewalks

with Water, Panicked Nasa

NASA Has Put All Spacewalks

On hold while it resolves an alarming issue with the spacesuits on board the International Space Station.

The Agency Said Tuesday

That helmets worn by astronauts have begun filling with water on multiple occasions in recent months.

It Has Put Personnel

In potentially life-threatening scenarios as they cling to the station’s exterior 250 miles above Earth.

NASA Is Investigating

What led to excess water buildup in an astronaut’s helmet during a March excursion.

Officials Told Reporters

That the spacesuits — “extra-vehicular mobility units,” or EMUs — remain available for emergencies.

NASA’s Dana Weigel Said

“Until we understand better what the causal factors might have been during the last EVA with our EMU, we are no-go for nominal [extra-vehicular activity],”

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