Perseverance Rover  to Find Life on Mars

Reaches Best Possible Site

The Perseverance Rover

Has spent over a year on Mars since it landed on the red planet's Jezero crater on February 18, 2021.

In A Recent Mission Update

NASA's team handling the rover revealed that Perseverance is parked at a site called Enchanted Lake which is the best possible location to find signs of ancient life

Notably, The Martian Samples

Collected by the rover will be bound for Earth in a few years but Perseverance only has a limited number of tubes


So the rover needs to be "picky" in choosing its sampling site.

In Order To Determine Which Sites

To pick, scientists keep in the mind the kind of rocks that are of the highest priority- those that make up the well-preserved delta located on the western side of Jezero crater.

For The Unversed, The Location

Being a delta filled with water was one of the attributes that made the Jezero crater so appealing to scientists.

Nasa Scientists Start  Apollo 17 Moon Samples

Studying 50 Yr Old Frozen