Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds  I/o Event

Pro, and More : Google

For Most Of Its Existence

Google has been seen as a software and services company. It’s the company millions rely on for search, emails, and documents.

But If Today’s Google I/O

Presentation is anything to go by, Google really wants to make sure it’s known as a hardware company too.

Granted, Google Has Been Building

Its hardware portfolio for years now, but that’s sometimes felt like a sidegig for the company — more products that could end up in the Google graveyard.

That Really Changed When The

Company announced the Pixel 6 and revealed its inhouse processor, the Google Tensor, promising a deeper commitment to hardware on the horizon.

Normally, It Would Be A...

Big deal if Google announced on or two pieces of hardware at I/O; it’s a developer conference, after all..

Instead, The Company Announced

Six new devices today (or seven, depending how you count) at an event that hasn’t traditionally been focused on hardware launches in the first place.

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