Possible Early Tau Herculid 

Meteors Caught on Camera

The tau Herculids,

 as the new meteor shower is called, is expected to peak with possible storm conditions tonight

They have likely 

already been spotted in numerous countries in projects led by Spain and NASA.

Spain's Fireballs and 

Meteorites Research Network spotted a couple of shooting stars probably associated with the event Friday

The first bolide was 

recorded at 7:57 p.m. EDT (2357 GMT) from three separate locations, all caught on camera.

Those viewing spots were

 in Aragon and recorded by Antonio Lasala, from Madrid by Jaime Zamorano, and from Valencia by Jordi Donet.

The NASA-sponsored Cameras 

for Allsky Meteor Surveillance(opens in new tab) (CAMS) also recorded probable tau Herculids from Friday (May 27) through Sunday (May 29).

These Star-Forming Spirals 

Look Like Galactic Ufos