Possible Outburst Of Tau  Tonight!

Herculids Meteors

There might be a

 meteor shower emerging from Hercules tonight, so keep your eyes peeled on the region.

Astronomers are keeping

an eye on the shards of broken-up comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3

To see if that generates

 a stream of little space rocks harmlessly blasting into Earth's atmosphere.

NASA astronomer Bill Cooke

 called the potential meteor shower milestone an "all or nothing event" in an agency blog post.

If the debris from SW 3

 was traveling more than 220 miles [354 kilometers] per hour we might see a nice meteor shower

Cooke added,

"If the debris had slower ejection speeds," "then nothing will make it to Earth and there will be no meteors from this comet."

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