Ps5 Stock Shortages Force  for a Second Week in Japan

Format to Fall Behind Xbox

In Japan, Where Sony

Is based, the Xbox Series X|S sold more unites than PS5 for a second week in a row.

This Has Already Happened Once

In mid-May. It was a big deal, it was the first time in over a decade, for Xbox to beat PlayStation in sales.

Reports Say Sony Sold

Only 3,035 units in the week that ended on June 19, while the Xbox Series X|S family sold 6,695 units.

As You Might Expect,

The Nintendo Switch's 50,405 Unites Easily Beat Both of Them. the Software Charts Were Also Ruled by Nintendo.

Ps5 Stock Problems Are a Big

Reason why Sony is losing ground in Japan. It sold 1,694,003 unites overall, while the Xbox X|S sold only 239,059.

But Both Consoles

Are statistical outliers compare to the Nintendo Switch, which sold 25.060,809 units

NASA Decided To Put 

Atomic Pile On Moon