Rare Clouds That Glow in the  15 Years

Dark Are the Most Vibrant in

The Rarest Clouds

On Earth were spotted by sky watchers in parts of western US, Europe and Canada after 15 years.

Known as Noctilucent

These clouds were glowing a stunning blue in the sky just after the sun moved below the horizon.

Noctilucent Clouds (NLCs)

Form in the mesosphere, which is at altitudes of around 50 miles – making them the highest in Earth's atmosphere.

The Clouds Consist

Of ice crystals that become visible during twilight when the sun is shining from blow the horizon.

Experts Say

This is the first time such a vivid display has been seen in nearly 15 years.

The Clouds Appear with Electric

Blue and silver streaks and are typically spotted at latitudes of 45 and 80 degrees in the northern & southern hemispheres.

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