Remains of Cannibalized  Cloud-Covered Belly

Baby Planets in Jupiter's

Jupiter's Innards Are Full of The

Remains of baby planets that the gas giant gobbled up as it expanded to become the behemoth we see today

The Findings Come

From the first clear view of the chemistry beneath the planet's cloudy outer atmosphere. 

Telescopes Were Unable to Capture

Clear images of Jupiter due to the Van Gogh-esque storms that act as a barrier blocking a clear view of Jupiter.

Researchers Were Finally Able

To peer past Jupiter's obscuring cloud cover using gravitational data collected by NASA's Juno space probe.

This Data Enabled the Team To Map Out

The rocky material at the core of the giant planet, which revealed a surprisingly high abundance of heavy elements.

The Chemical Make-Up

Suggests Jupiter devoured baby planets, or planetesimals, to fuel its expansive growth.

Scientists Discover 

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