Risky Winter on Mars Ingenuity Helicopter’s Last

Each Sol Could Be

Although NASA’s Ingenuity Mars

 Helicopter has defied expectations, proved that powered, controlled flight of an aircraft was possible on Mars

the approaching Mars

 winter brings additional challenges. Each sol (Mars-day) could be Ingenuity’s last.

It is believed to already

suffering from battery brownouts at night, where the low voltage caused the electronics to reset.

It is also likely that

 there will be insufficient power for the heater to keep the electronics in their safe temperature range.

The Perseverance and Ingenuity

 operations teams have done an extraordinary job in reestablishing reliable communications with Ingenuity

As of Sol 446, the team has

 transferred approximately 3,500 megabits (Mb) of data from Ingenuity to the HBS on Perseverance.

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