Researchers find RNA 

molecules in the Milky Way

Toxic nitrile Are a class

 of organic molecules, an important precursor to the molecules necessary for life on Earth

Researchers from Spain,

Japan, Chile, Italy and the United States have now found these toxic nitriles in molecular clouds n interstellar space,

"The chemistry that

 occurs in the interstellar medium is able to efficiently form multiple nitriles,

The Astrobiology Center

 of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the National Institute of Space Technology (INTA)

The researchers also

 have their findings on file The study was publishedAnd the As reported by SciTechDaily

Life on Earth was

 originally only through this world of RNA It is possible that DNA and protein enzymes formed only later

They could also

Created in the same space And moves to the young Earth in comets and meteorites

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