Rocket Lab Will Snatch A  With A Helicopter

Rocket Out Of Mid-Air

Rocket Lab Is Developing Electron

As a reusable orbital launch vehicle and it has revealed details about the next step of the program.

After The Rocket’s 26th Launch

The company will attempt to snatch the first stage out of mid-air with a helicopter.

The Mission Has A 14-day

Launch window starting on April 19th. Electron is scheduled to lift off from a launchpad in New Zealand and will carry satellites for a number of companies.

2.5 Minutes After Lift Off

The first and second stages of the rocket will separate, with the latter carrying the payload to orbit.

The First Stage Will Descend

Back to Earth. It will deploy a drogue parachute at an altitude of 13 km (8.3 miles) and its main parachute at an altitude of roughly 6 km (3.7 miles).

The Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter Will

Then attempt to retrieve the stage by snagging a hook onto the parachute line. If all goes as planned, Rocket Lab will analyze the stage to see if it's suitable for another launch.

Rocket Lab Has Carried Out

Three successful recoveries of Electron's first stage from the ocean on previous missions.

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