SS Rajamouli's movie RRR is at number one in the list of the most awaited movies of 2022, this movie was awaited in India from 2020 but due to the lockdown, the complete shooting of the movie could not be done, due to which this movie was postponed. Could not be released and then the makers of the movie told that now you will get to see this movie in 2021

But you would know that till the month of April, there was a lockdown in India, due to which the shooting of the movie could not be completed, but already the teaser of this movie was released which was being liked by the people but the makers of the movie told that Now you will get to see this movie in 2022 and then you were getting to see this movie on 7th January 2022 but recently some time ago the director of the movie SS Rajamouli told

That now this movie will not be released on 7th January but the estimated first day collections of this movie are being told are quite shocking and today through this post we will provide you complete information

According to some news website, it is being told that SS Rajamouli's movie RRR is going to break a lot of records in India and his previous movie Bahubali 2 had also broken many movie records and now once again his movie is going to break a lot of movie records in India. Todegi, this movie has collected India net collection of 125 crores on the very first day

With this you can imagine how many chances of this movie to be a blockbuster because if any movie does only India net collection of 125 crores on first day and world wide collection is above 200 crores and the budget of this movie is approx. If it is being told around 300 crores, then this movie can recover its budget from its first week collection

In this way, this movie can do more than 1000 crore box office collection from India and this movie is sure to be a blockbuster superhit in India. Will be more then the movie will be released online apart from theaters and the collections of this movie will come from OTT release

SS Raja Mouli's movie RRR is getting around 9000 screens in India, out of which around ₹2000 will be available from the market vs 11000 screens from the market, that is, it is the first movie that will be released on 11000 screens. It is fair that the collections of the movie are going to be very good.

It is being told that you can get to see this movie in the month of June and you will get to see Telugu superstar Ramcharan Jr NTR in the lead role of the movie, while Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan will get to see Alia Bhatt and the movie will get Morning Suman Hundred percent occupancy. And this movie has to get 100% occupancy even in night shows.

Earlier the movie Telugu net collection seems to be around ₹ 65 crores and Hindi net collection is around 35 crores of this movie, similarly Tamil net collection is around 15 crores