Over 190 Civilians  Ukraine

Russian Forces Killed

Including Children In

Ukraine’s health minister said Saturday that 198 civilians, including three children, have been killed so far by Russian forces attacking the pro-Western country.

Atrocities In Ukraine

“Unfortunately, according to operative data, at the hands of the invaders we have 198 dead, including 3 children, 1,115 wounded, including 33 children,” Health Minister Viktor Lyashko wrote on Facebook.

Hard To Believe It's 2022

Ukrainian soldiers repulsed a Russian attack in the capital, Only hours after President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Moscow would attempt to take Kyiv before dawn in the conflict that is now escalating every hour.

War Getting Worse Every Hour

Russian leader Vladimir Putin unleashed a full-scale invasion on Thursday that has killed dozens of people, forced more than 50,000 to flee Ukraine in just 48 hours and sparked fears of a new Cold War in Europe.

The Whole Europe Is In Trouble!

President Putin has frequently accused Ukraine of being taken over by extremists, ever since its pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was ousted in 2014 after months of protests against his rule.

It's A War Since 2014

Russia then retaliated by seizing the southern region of Crimea and triggering a rebellion in the east, backing separatists who have fought Ukrainian forces in a war that has claimed 14,000 lives.

Took Lives Then, Took Lives Now!

Why Is Russia Invading  Putin Want?

Ukraine And What Does