Samsung Galaxy Z Flip  Specs, and Renders

4: Release Date, Price,

The Galaxy Z Flip

Is a flip phone-styled foldable, so it looks a lot like classic flip phones of the past. 

We Can Expect a Small

Outer display, two main cameras, and a larger display on the inside when the Z Flip 4 is opened. 

It Comes with Snapdragon 8 Plus

Gen 1 processor paired with at least 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. We should also get a triple camera setup

For More Specific Changes

Samsung is rumored to be debuting a "1TB and 12 GB Ram for multitasking" option for the Flip 4.

Based on Company’s Launch

Patterns, Galaxy Z Flip 4 may launch at Samsung’s second Unpacked event that’s predicted for this August.


Samsung may keep the same $1,000 starting point as the Flip 3, or it may lower it as the economies of scale kick in and lower component prices.

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