Scientists Discover Bizarre  Stretching Across Mars

'Worm-Like' Aurora

On Clear Martian Nights

Long, snake-like ribbons of light may streak through the sky for thousands of miles.

According To New Observations

From the United Arab Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) — It represents a strange new type of aurora never seen before on any planet.

Auroras — Also Known On Earth

As the northern lights — occur when charged particles from solar wind collide with molecules in a planet's atmosphere. 

Several Different Types

Of auroras have been detected on Mars, including planet-wide "diffuse auroras,"

Also "Discrete Auroras,"

Which only glow above certain spots of Martian crust thought to contain magnetized minerals.

This New Type Of Aurora

Which EMM researchers dubbed a "sinuous discrete aurora" seems to be a strange mishmash of the others.

Visible Only Above Certain Tracts

Of the Martian landscape, the new type of aurora appeared during a recent solar storm when charged electrons swept over the Red Planet's thin atmosphere.