Search for Habitable  Upcoming Space Missions

Exoplanets by China's

The Chinese Academy of Sciences

Has selected candidates for its next round of space missions, which are projected to launch between 2026 and 2030.

Out of the 13 Missions Proposed

It is expected that between five and seven will be chosen for launch, SpaceNews reported.

The New Missions Will Be Part

Of CAS's third Strategic Priority Program (SPP III) project, also known as the New Horizons Program

The Dark Matter Particle Explorer-2

(DAMPE-2) would follow up on the DAMPE mission launched in 2015 and search for evidence of dark matter. 

The Solar Ring (SOR) Mission

Proposes using a trio of spacecraft orbiting at one astronomical unit (AU) to collect data on the sun and the inner heliosphere.

The Solar Polar-Orbit Observatory

(SPO) would study the poles of the sun while in a high-inclination orbit. 

Never-Before-Seen  Preserved Meteorite Dust

Crystals Found in Perfectly