Search for Mysterious Dark  Underground Gold Mine

Matter Begin in

In a Former Gold Mine a Mile

Underground, inside a titanium tank filled with a rare liquified gas, scientists have begun the search for dark matter.

Scientists Are

Pretty sure the invisible stuff makes up most of the universe’s mass and say we wouldn’t be here without it 

The Question for Scientists

Is basic, says Kevin Lesko, a physicist. “What is this great place I live in? Right now, 95% of it is a mystery.”

The Idea Is That a Mile of Dirt,

Rock, a giant tank, a second tank and purest titanium will block nearly all the cosmic rays and particles that zip around


Dark matter particles, scientists think, can avoid all those obstacles.

Scientists Announced That

The five-year, $60 million search finally got underway two months ago after a delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strange Matter: Most Dangerous 

Substance in the Universe