See Spacex's Crew-3  Back to Earth

Dragon Capsule Streak

SpaceX's Crew-3 Astronaut Mission's

Return to Earth early Friday (May 6) was captured in epic photos as the crew wrapped up a half-year on the International Space Station.

Both NASA And SpaceX

Which supplied Crew-3's Dragon capsule for the agency, captured the streaking spacecraft high in the atmosphere.

It Was Captured In The Minutes

Before the successful splashdown at 12:43 a.m. EDT (0443 GMT), 176 days after their mission began.

The Epic Photos Show

A meteor-like vehicle moving fast through the atmosphere with four individuals on board

NASA Photographer

Aubrey Gemignani captured the Dragon capsule's reentry in a several photos.

The Returning Endurance Spacecraft

Was visible in Mexico, Florida and nearby areas, generating some social media shares from people who got up early.

While It Typically Takes About

A day of time on our planet to fully recover from each day in space, the astronauts should be able to resume many of their normal activities