Siberian Tundra Could  500 Years

Vanish In Less Than

The Siberian tundra

 could disappear by the year 2500, unless greenhouse gas emissions are dramatically reduced.

Even in the best-case scenarios

 two-thirds of this landscape — defined by its short growing season and cover of grasses, moss, shrubs and lichens

And as the tundra's

 permafrost cover melts away, it could release vast quantities of stored greenhouse gases

Ecologist said

"This was stunning for us to see how quickly the tundra will be turned over to forest,"

The loss of the tundra

will not only be a blow for biodiversity and human culture, but might also worsen Arctic warming, Kruse told Live Science.

Warming in the Arctic has

 advanced rapidly in recent decades, about twice as fast as warming in the rest of the globe.

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