Her First Child With Rapper A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna Is Expecting

The pregnant singer proudly debuted her bare baby bump during an outing in Harlem, Rocky’s hometown, over the weekend.

Kid Rocky Ready For Debut

Rihanna wore a long pink jacket that was kept closed by just one button and a pair of loose ripped jeans. She completed the look with a long embellished necklace, which adorned her bump with jewels.

Shining Baby Armor

The rapper paired leather pants with a white sweater and blue jacket as he and the “Ocean’s Eight” star walked down the street.

The Baby Bump Walk

The pair stopped strolling at one point so Rocky could wrap his arm around Rihanna and give her a sweet kiss on the forehead.

Gesture Of True Love

We’re told the lovebirds hit up trendy NYC eatery Carbone earlier this month and had to be seated at a different table in order to accommodate RiRi’s burgeoning belly. 

New Belly New Rules

“Rihanna was quite clearly drinking sparkling water and openly rubbing her baby bump, At one point she got up and had to maneuver the bump around the side of the table!”

Baby Needs Some Belly Rub

It appears the Fenty Beauty mogul has been trying to hide her growing belly under baggy clothes and oversize jackets the past few months.

Riri's Art Of Deception

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