Solar Flares Feared as  Size of Earth

a Sunspot Grows 3x the

A Gigantic Sunspot

Has swelled to twice Earth's size, doubling its diameter in 24 hours, and it's pointed right at us. 

The Sunspot, Called Ar3038,

Grew to 2.5 times Earth's size — making the sunspot roughly 19,800 miles, or 31,900 kilometers, in diameter

Sunspots Are Dark Patches

On the sun's surface where powerful magnetic fields, created by the flow of electric charges from the sun's plasma

The Resulting Release of Energy

Launches bursts of radiation called solar flares and generates explosive jets of solar material called CMEs. 

When a Solar Flare

Hits Earth's upper atmosphere, they can cause radio blackouts and auroras or northern lights.

Solar Flares Travel at Lightspeed

They take only 8 minutes to reach us, from an average distance of about 93 million miles (150 million kilometers). 

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