Solar Storm ‘Snowplows’  Power Grid Blackout

Past Earth, Could Cause

A Solar Storm

That zoomed past Earth recently might create problems for satellites and the country’s power grid, experts say.

The Nearby Solar Eruption

Snowplowed dense plasma towards the Earth triggering geomagnetic storms in at least two US states.

The July 1 CME

Hit is part of a rash of solar storms as the Sun goes through a period of heightened activity.

A CME Is a Solar Eruption

Called a coronal mass ejection, which is a huge expulsion of plasma from the Sun’s outer layer, called the corona.

This Mass Ejection

Of particles from the Sun travels through space and the Earth uses its magnetic field to protect us from it.

Experts at

“A CME passed close to Earth on July 1st. It did not directly strike our planet’s magnetic field. Instead, it made itself known by “snowplowing” dense plasma in our direction,”

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