Sand Clouds Are Common in 

Atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs

Clouds of Sand

Can condense, grow and disappear in some extraterrestrial atmospheres

A New Look at Old Data

Shows that clouds made of hot silicate minerals are common in celestial objects known as brown dwarfs.

Astronomer Stanimir Metchev

“This is the first full contextual understanding of any cloud outside the solar system,”

Clouds Come in Many

Flavors in our solar system, from Earth’s puffs of water vapor to Jupiter’s bands of ammonia.

Dwarf Planets Are

Dim, ruddy orbs that are too large to be planets but too small and cool to be stars.

Astronomers Used Nasa’s Spitzer

Telescope to observe brown dwarfs and spotted spectral signatures of sand — more specifically, grains of silicate minerals such as quartz and olivine.

Floating in One of These

Clouds would feel like being in a sandstorm, says planetary scientist Mark Marley of the University of Arizona in Tucson

Search for Mysterious Dark  Underground Gold Mine

Matter Begin in