SpaceX: 5G Expansion  Broadband

Could Kill Us Starlink

If the Proposed Addition Of

The 12GHz spectrum to 5G goes forward, Starlink broadband terminals across America could be crippled.

The Elon Musk Biz Made the Claim

This week in a filing to the FCC, which is considering allowing Dish to operate a 5G service in the 12GHz band.

This Frequency

Range is also used by Starlink and others to provide over-the-air satellite internet connectivity.

If Dish gets to use these

Frequencies in the US, it'll render nearby Starlink terminals useless through wireless interference, it was claimed.

SpaceX Goes Against The

2021 report by RS Access which was in favor of Dish, they both want to establish5G service using the 12GHz band.

RS Access Argues That

Both Starlink and Dish can coexist but SpaceX the 5G expansion would destroy Starlink access to many Americans.

Dish 12ghz Expansion

Would affect over tens of thousands of Americans, which RS Access deems as negligible in their report.

'Get Your Boy Elon in 

Line:' Nasa Despises Elon